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Real Estate Investment Consideration

Identification and Creation of opportunities
Minimization of risk through diversification and meticulous investment structuring
Balance current return and capital appreciation
Intermediate Term, eighteen months to seven year holding periods, average holding ranging from three to five years
Clearly defined exit strategies for each real estate investment

Capitalize on Market Dynamics and Inefficiencies

SHA constantly monitors the real estate markets, identifying themes by asset class or geography. By focusing on these themes, SHA has been able to invest ahead of trends.

Favorable Current Cash Returns

SHA targets investments in assets that provide its investors with stable, favorable cash flow returns.

Create or Exploit a Competitive Advantage

SHA believes that its reputation, built over more than 30 years, combined with its extensive network of relationships provides SHA with proprietary transaction opportunities and a competitive advantage in many situations

Conservative Underwriting

SHA pursues a disciplined real estate investment approach identifying attractive opportunities with significant upside potential and controllable downside protection. SHA utilized rigorous due diligence, conservative assumptions and careful assessment of downside scenarios before acquiring a property.

Prudent use of leverage

SHA aggressively manages the capital structure of a real estate investment, utilizing prudent leverage, obtaining financing on the best terms available in the market in order to provide transactions with increased downside protection.

Real Estate Investment Focus

Due to its reputation, SHA is presented with thousands of opportunities per year. However, it focuses only on deals that fit its strict real estate investment parameters.

Exit Strategies

SHA only commits to investments that offer, realistic, multiple exit strategies primarily through refinancing, sales to private investors, institutions or public REIT’s. SHA believes that a disciplined approach at the time of investment enables it to better assess exit alternatives as they arise.